17 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: O is for Oso Flaco

 So it says it's a lake. And growing up out in Guadalupe, I assumed it was a huge beautiful lake but much to my surprise it was an odd kinda pretty and more of a multi-habitat.  As you can see above the entrance is alongside agricultural fields.  Fields as far as the eye can see but then you take a short walk in the direction of the beach and you find beauty.  I know it looks gloomy and that's how most of my childhood mornings appeared.  Gloom and doom until about 2pm!

 A few hundred feet and a sharp right brings you to the actual lake.  There is a bridge that was constructed by volunteers and children (my brother was among them) to help you traverse the lake.  The lake is home to several endangered species in the Central Coast.... snowy plover is among my favorite.  At the end of the trail you can meet the violent ocean that is the Pacific.

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