30 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zzyzx

This is one of those places I have driven by many times but never took the turn off to actually take Zzyzx Road.  It's out in the middle of nowhere.  Anyone who has driven to or from Las Vegas and California will have passed the sign.  Maybe even stopped the car to take a picture with the sign.  It's a quirky name for a road.  

Honestly, the thought of stopping in the middle of the desert to go to an unknown place kinda gives me the willies.  I've seen 'The Hills Have Eyes' and I would rather avoid the stop.  But I looked up the place and it's rather anti-climactic.  It's a research center and there is a natural hot spring there, aside from that.... not much else.

The main reason I remember the word is because there was a retired staff member who continually would request his password reset.  Somehow the summer break would cause him to forget his password every year.  And every year he would call in stating he forgot his password and if I would be so kind as to set it to Zzyzx.  I never did ask him if he had tried the password because had he tried, he wouldn't have called.  Job security right?

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