25 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: V is for Valencia

There is only one reason I have gone or will go to Valencia....  Just one.
I love Magic Mountain!  I have so many fond memories of going with my roomie and taking exchange students who are thrill seekers.  I really want to go soon but the mister is anti-coasters.  I think they make him sick or give him migraines or something.  I am hoping once Andy hits 58 inches (if he hasn't already, somehow the kid suddenly got taller) I can coax him into riding some awesome coasters.  I have a sinking suspicion that he may be a pansy about coasters though.

I was there for the opening of Goliath, which was so intense it broke the spaghetti strap right off of my roomie's tank-top.  That was fun, good thing the girls weren't over exposed and the park offers a variety of shirts and tanks for sale.  I almost snapped my neck off riding Superman because the 'keep head back' signs were oddly enough placed to the side instead of in front of me.  Never made that mistake again, without a warning ZOOM!!!! off into the air.  I rode the predecessor to X2, the X1 and it seriously made tears come out of my eyes.  It was like nothing I had ever ridden before and I actually ran out of scream, I had to gasp for air to scream more.  I was seated next to a strange little Asian boy who just looked over and laughed at my tear-streaked, breathless face; it was magical.  The guy I went with the time refused to go on again because he insisted it would give him a stroke or heart attack.

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