02 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: B is for Blitzen

Whose head I found on the wall in Fairbanks, not too far was Babe.  No, not Babe the pig.... Babe the ox.  While in Alaska I learned how big hunting is for folk in general..... for food, fur and food heh.  I kinda assumed hunting was a thing but I didn't realize it was such a big thing.  Thought the animal activists would get snarky regarding hunting, it is a way of life.  Some of these people depend and LIVE off of the land.  The land including animals; sea, river and land animals. 

People always assume California folk are all yoga, vegan, gluten free, animal rights activists and look down their hoity toity noses at anyone who is not into all or some of the above.  I ran into one of these people in Alaska.... she was from Brentwood.  God she was obnoxious!  Ya know up in Alaska, they don't have produce going year round like where I live.  I assume being vegan in Alaska is pretty tough. 

Leaving my little world in Santa Maria, California helps me learn how diverse people are.  How people around other parts of MY nation live.  How preconceived notions of how people are, are sad generalizations and often time have some truth and some falsehood to them.

We (my sis and I) have been mistaken for Alaskan gals a few times being here.  I feel proud that I am not looked at with disdain being a tourist.  But at the same time I am sad that so many tourists can portray themselves so poorly that being a tourist, I fear being looked down upon.

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