05 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: E is for Einbahnstraße

So as most of my followers know, I can't think straight when I have to pee.  I get lost, confused easily and often times get quite giddy (sometimes drunkeness coincides).  This challenge reminded me of the 2nd time in Germany that I lost my wits to the pee-pee dance monster.

Pics of the day wandering in Köln can be found here and here is an excerpt of that post:

"We got to walk through this really peaceful park when the wandering turned into hilarity.  My sister and I were heading out of the park when I noticed a street sign and mentioned we must have wandered closer to where we were staying.  I blame the urgency to use the wash closet, darkness approaching and beers.  But somehow I managed to confuse the name of the street the hostel was at Engelbertstraße, with the sign posted on the street that said Einbahnstraße.  I knew what the word said but my lazy brain was filling in the blanks, it started with E and ended in straße that had to be the street, right?  We just keep following that street in the direction of the hostel and we will be there, right?  No, not right.  Einbahnstraße basically means one way street.  We had a good laugh over my ridiculousness.  Let's just say the urge for urinating supersedes my keen sense of direction and comprehension skills."

We had been staying at the Meninger Hotel which is located on Engelbertstraße, I am sure you could see where my silly confusion came from, no?  I do highly recommend AGAINST the hostel we stayed at, it was not what I was looking for.  No, I am not picky but damn the bunk beds were half falling apart AND the shower stalls were dirty and pooled up to well above your ankles even if you were water savvy and turned the water off between soaping and rinsing.  No joke -_- all bad... And I won't take the, "You get what you pay for," bullshit because I could have paid less and slept in a church and quick washed in a WC for much cheaper.  Fuck you Meninger Hotel!

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