18 September 2013


Digging up more pictures from my trip to Germany last year (2012).  I am hoping to get these all posted before I head out to Hawaii in November.  Who knows if I will accomplish that.  Fair warning, while in Wiesbaden my camera malfunctioned and I thought I fixed it.  Then it malfunctioned again so the pictures taken in Köln may be slightly fuzzy and shitty looking.  At least my memory serves me properly.  Properly enough to remind me of a funny story that happened to my slightly beer buzzed brain in Köln. 

***Fair warning, lotsa pictures.***

Fountain on the south side of the Köln Cathedral

Another fountain a little south west of the previous fountain.
The area near the Köln Cathedral was pretty busy with tourists and people trying to make a quick buck off of tourists.
Mickey and Minnie sure are a long way from home.

Another fountain/drain.
I think this fountain was to help drain rain water but also made to look fancy.  Careful at night, it can be quite a tripping hazard.
People on a walking tour of the cathedral.

Some sort of tomb by a church.

One of the doors to the church I don't remember.

Another door.
Sounds like I didn't know jack shit about what was around.  But there was already a post about some of the graffiti we saw in Köln/Wiesbaden and one on it's way about the Chocolate Museum.  You see on our first day there, it was only half a day so we decided to go explore.  And by explore I mean wander the streets and drink beer.  So we really didn't know much about what we were looking at because we were exploring.  There was something neat, old and interesting to be seen pretty much everywhere we walked in Köln. 

Fountains seemed to be a big thing.  This was only a tiny part of a long wall that was a fountain.

One part of some decorative statue.

Directly across roughly 6 feet away from the previous one.

City Garden
We got to walk through this really peaceful park when the wandering turned into hilarity.  My sister and I were heading out of the park when I noticed a street sign and mentioned we must have wandered closer to where we were staying.  I blame the urgency to use the wash closet, darkness approaching and beers.  But somehow I managed to confuse the name of the street the hostel was at Engelbertstraße, with the sign posted on the street that said Einbahnstraße.  I knew what the word said but my lazy brain was filling in the blanks, it started with E and ended in straße that had to be the street, right?  We just keep following that street in the direction of the hostel and we will be there, right?  No, not right.  Einbahnstraße basically means one way street.  We had a good laugh over my ridiculousness.  Let's just say the urge for urinating supersedes my keen sense of direction and comprehension skills.

The minibib in the park.
I think more parks should have a lending library located in them.  Nothing major or fancy, just a small space that can perhaps be manned by a volunteer from time to time.  Or even something tinier that does not even require a human being.

Circus Roncalli

Lidl, this one was safe.  No gun toting Manni trying to rob the store this time.

This guy was situated by the Rhine and really huge!  I have no idea what he was all about.

Homes located near the Rhine.
The Hahnentorburg has been used as a prison, museum and exposition hall.

Most of the shops were closed by the time we walked through.

Pfeilstraße is for high end shoppers with loads of money to burn.  Too expensive for my tastes.

The Köln Cathedral at night.  It's way too big to get it all in one shot.

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