20 September 2013

The end of an era...

Yesterday I got a phone call from my vets office.  They called to say that Dr. Martinucci is closing up shop and transferring his client files to Evergreen Animal Clinic.  If my primary care physician closed up shop I wouldn't have been so upset.  To me a doctor is a doctor; I go, they do their job and I am done.  With a vet, it's a bit different.  At least in my eyes it's different.  I have used Dr. Martinucci as my veterinarian for over 10 years.  It pains me to have to take my dogs to a new vet.  The mister says that Evergreen saved his dog's life once upon a time.  He feels that my babies records being transferred to Evergreen is the best choice.

Dr. Martinucci saved my iguana's life when she was egg bound.  He has been Snarky's vet pretty much since he was born.  Ginger and Snarky have gotten their check-ups and shots at Adobe Animal Clinic.  I guess I got comfortable with the staff and doctor there.  My pets were at ease with Dr. Martinucci.  He is an older guy so I figured he was probably closing up shop to retire; understandable.

Yesterday after the phone call I asked if I could get a copy of my animal's medical records, in case I choose a vet other than Evergreen.  I went down to their office and asked the receptionist if Dr. Martinucci was retiring.  She said they had to close due to Dr. Martinucci's illness.  Illness?  It was only July when I last saw the Doc, he looked ok.  It made me sad, I wished the receptionist well and good health to the doctor.  I was going to miss that office.  My pets are more important to me than humans so now I will have to orient them to a new vets office.  I hope I can find a small, quiet place like Adobe Animal Clinic.  I like the small staff and personalized feel of Dr. Martinucci's office.  I am thankful for their help over the years and sad to see them close up shop.  I would hope if my pets could talk they would say they appreciated the care that they got at Adobe Animal Clinic.



Mount Igmore R.I.P 2007

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