18 April 2012

Street Art Photobomb

While on my adventures in Europe, I noticed that the street art in Germany and The Netherlands is really neat. I saw so many places with huge murals that were not tagged over. The murals were really funky and cool so I think it was a deterrent to people who would normally tag up a fresh, clean wall.

I decided to take pictures of some of the murals and graffiti that caught my eye. I really wished I could have caught some of the amazing work along the rail lines but alas the train went too fast. I noticed Futurama is a big thing on the train route between Wiesbaden and Cologne.

This is about what my sad little town has to offer in terms of graffiti (urban art, if you must call it that). I wouldn't mind seeing graffiti in my town if it was actually good. I would think some large scale murals may give my dreary Santa Maria the perk it needs too. I am probably in the minority who thinks that. :(

Enjoy what I found while walking around in Germany and The Netherlands.

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