17 April 2012

Giving A Guy A Break

When it comes to law enforcement and giving someone a break I am quite skeptical. Maybe it's where I grew up?

I saw a drunk guy get a break. Seriously got a small talking to and then was allowed to stumble off.  (Keep reading the story gets better.  Or worse?)

I have never seen shit like this in my whole life.

Until I went to Germany!

I am sitting at a table alone enjoying a Bavarian breakfast which consists of Wiesswurst, pretzel, sweet mustard and beer. I hear drunken shouting. After closing down the bar at the hostel I was staying at, I am not amazed that while having my breakfast at 0630 I hear some guy shouting in the street.  I figured the shouting would end or I would hear sirens.

But the shouting did not stop, it kept going and getting louder. The curious cat in me came out, so I stepped outside to see what was going on. I see this guy rolling around in the gutter on the street, after a night of full on rain you know the guy is soaked. Idiot! A guy from Wombat wearing a security shirt is trying to help the guy up and clearing the guy's belongings out of the gutter and another man is trying to help Mr. Drunky McDrunk. How does McDrunky repay them for their kindness?

"You wannna fight?!" Flailing his arms and trying to pick a fight in a few languages; I caught some Portuguese, French, German and English. The whole time Mr. Security is trying to be polite and just have the guy walk on and get the fuck on with his life. Oh no, McDrunky tries to fight Mr. Security so, Mr. Security has to arm lock the fool. At this point I decided to go back into my respective hostel and continue with my morning meal.  It was cold outside and I had food that needed to be eaten.

Two minutes later I notice a white and green car drive by that says Polizei on it. It's the cops! They stop and I see two guys hop out, they didn't seem too pleased to be out of their artificially warmed car on this Saturday morning. They also looked identically alike in their khaki pants and dark jackets. They walked over to where McDrunky was and start talking to him. I don't know what transpires because I am busy eating and my sister decided to play spy for me. See the picture below? McDrunky is the guy with the arrow pointed at him.

My sister comes in and tells me that the cops talked to the man and let him walk off. What?! He walked off?! After rolling in the gutter like a seizing mongoloid AND picking a fight with Wombat staff??? Okay, where I am from that would land you in the slammer or even the drunk tank for the night. Drunk in public, assault, battery or even just disturbing the peace. How the hell did this guy walk off? Oh, I dunno I am in Germany, they do things the way they see appropriate I guess. All I have to say is that makes me feel like no matter how trashed I get, it will all be ok.
There he goes, stumbling drunk off his ass at what is now about 0700. Not even noticing that people in the street are watching or that my sister and I are taking pictures for this story later on. I assumed I could continue my morning meal and get our itinerary ironed out for day two in Munich.  I was wrong all morning long!

About 5 minutes later, right behind me I see copper 1 and 2 putting McDrunky in handcuffs. They let McDrunky go and he decided to rampage down the street and annoy more people. So the cops HAD to come back and get him.

Did they look like they wanted to? No.
Did we witness any police brutality? No.
Did they have an unjust cause for arresting him? No.
Was I still in disbelief that they let him off the hook the first time?  Hell fucking yea I was!

Seriously the guy could have just crawled into bed or taken a nap on a wet lawn to sleep it off. But no, he decided to keep pressing his luck and get himself arrested.

I dunno about you guys but I grew up in America where arrests and police brutality is glorified. Anyone TiVo Cops?

Remember Rodney King?

That is the shit I grew up with. So watching the cops in Germany let a guy go and then arrest him in a calm fashion was something new for me.  Had it been here in California the cuffs would have come out a lot sooner.  This was the start of my culture shock while in Germany.  Many more stories to come and pictures to add from my trip so stay tuned.

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