04 April 2012

Today is the day!

I am ready to go with a monster of a head/face ache and I am exhausted. Great way to start a trip, yes? Oh yeah! -_- zzzzzzzz

Yesterday while flossing, I felt the floss get stuck and I aggressively yanked. Well that yank was enough to chip my tooth and partially remove an old filling. Of all the things I was prepared for, this was not one of them.

The dentist is my least favorite human on Earth. I hate the smell of the dental office, the drilling sound, the rubber taste in my mouth and chunks of ground off who knows what in my mouth. Oh and let's not forget strangers hands shoved into my mouth. I have major anxiety and very sensitive nerves. The dentist visit usually involves lots of nitrous oxide, xanax and many many shots of novocaine.

Since my dental appointment was an emergency since I am leaving today, I did not get any xanax. So I pretty much sat in the dentist chair laffy gassed, sweating buckets and hurting. When I got there my tooth didn't hurt. It wasn't until the drilling started that they realized the shots they gave me were not working. I warned them that I need a metric ton of novocaine to numb me enough to make drilling a possibility. They had to stop drilling three times to add more numby stuff and I went through one whole tank of their laffy gas. (It really didn't seem to help but I can only imagine how it would have been without it.)

Despite my horrible dental experience, I was glad I took care of my tooth before going to Germany. The last thing I needed was to have a filling repair quickly become a root canal IN ANOTHER COUNTRY! My face was pretty numb for some time after the appointment and so I decided I would get a bite to eat. The sad part was that I couldn't open my mouth wide enough for my damn tacos and I had a raging head ache. Oh boy! Does anyone else think the dentist light they hover above your face looks sort of like Max from Flight of the Navigator?

So I went home, had a hot bath and a beer. Made sure my bag was all packed and ready to go for today and watched SpaceCamp. Don't judge me! Nothing like a little bubble gum for the mind to nurse my face pain and headache away. If you grew up in the 80's you probably remember the movie but not enough to recall the full cast. Dude I totally forgot Joaquin Phoenix was in the movie!!!! And he screams like a girl! I forgot how ridiculous the effects were in this. Seriously, laughing was not helping my headache at all but I couldn't help myself.

Skip to 6:47 haahaha they are "weightless in space" so ridiculous. I also love how being in space means you have to speak slower. I wish I had a robot friend to launch me to space.

After my movie I decided I would go to bed early. Last night at home with the mister before I depart for far off lands and awesome adventures.

I couldn't sleep.

If I wasn't tossing and turning from excitement and nervousness; I was holding my poor head because of the dentist visit earlier in the day.

Now it's today and I am ready to sleep during my bus ride to the airport and long flight. I just need some rest and a pain killer. Wish me luck!

Let's hope I don't have any more little surprises along the way.


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