18 April 2012

The Poop Stick

Being a reader of many foreign blogs I am aware of dual flush toilets. I think it's a fine idea and a great way to conserve water. You use the big button for poops and the little button for pee.

Many places in Germany had dual flush toilets. Not all of the buttons looked like the one on the right but they were comparable.

I noticed that many places required several flushes due to the water pressure I assume. Or dual flush toilets are just constructed very poorly. Even if my business was only number 1, the toilet paper would just not flush! So I started just using the big flush, still not very good. Not very efficient in saving water if you ask me.

So by the time we got to Wiesbaden to visit April, Chase and Tucker I decided to voice my findings after using their bathroom. I had gone number 2 ****Warning!!! TMI: My poop wasn't a huge log or anything like that. It was actually a small very soft #2. My body was still trying to adjust to the food and drinking I was doing in Germany. Soft stool, now you know.****

I came out of the bathroom after 5 big flushes and said, "Dude your toilets here suck! I just made the tiniest turd and had to flush 5 times!!! I could only imagine if I had shit a log how I would have managed to get it down."

Chase then goes on to explain that he uses the toilet scrubber to break up his poop so it will flush down! Nasty! I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do. To me the scrubber is for cleaning the toilet not busting up giant turds!

From that point on I started noticing that most bathrooms in Germany have what I now affectionately refer to as "The Poop Stick". Obviously Germans know about their water pressure issue and are awesome enough to provide poop sticks. It would be shitty (har har) to use a bathroom and flush in a vain effort to break up the poop. Or even worse just leave the dookie for the next unsuspecting victim.

While discussing bathrooms, I noticed a few places where the toilets had no seats. Just a bowl! And many places didn't have ass gaskets either. While in Germany I did a lot of hover peeing/pooping. Hover peeing is easy peasy. Hover pooping; takes some skill. I would say I will pack my own ass gaskets for future trips but why waste money and packing space. I did remember to pack tissue because toilet paper running out is a world wide problem. Sucks when you run in to pee and then realize: SHIT no toilet paper!

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