12 June 2012

Just another Munich Monday?

Okay well that title sucks but here is a wrap up of the time I spent in Munich with my sister.  Sorry it's taken so long but I had no idea how many damn pictures we collectively took.  Or how many stories I have left to tell.  I still gotta talk about the crazy cop from the UK that stabbed his brother with a steak knife!

 Some night time shots around Marienplatz.  I really loved the public transportation system in Munich.  Once we got used to it, it was cake to get to where we needed to be.  The 2 day pass was well worth it for my sister and I.
 Murr copper!
 I was not familiar with 'notruf' and I saw it all over the place.  I assumed it was some type of call box or something akin to that as we saw them in the subway as well as on the autobahn.  I was correct, I have since looked it up and it means 'emergency call'.  Course my dirty mind was busy giggling about "not rough".

The outside to the Deutsches Museum in Munich.  I wish we could have spent more time in this museum.  The place is HUGE, we could have spent all day there and still not gotten to see everything.  So we toured through what was interesting to us.  The layout is not very user friendly in some areas.  It was like a maze!
Sorry it was really dark but I had to show off the cool voltage show they had at the museum.  They had several different demonstrations and this was the best one I could record.  It was really cramped in there and I am short. 

 Obviously I have a thing for musical instruments.  I could have spent hours looking at all of the old musical instruments from around the world.  I am sorry about my lack of pictures as it was really hot and stuffy in the building.  Also my hurt ankle was really acting up around here.  It was excruciating to walk down the stairs, I had to take baby steps.  But we continued on!!!

 A view from atop the museum.  It was sprinkling so the pictures are a bit on the hazy side and I was a bit on the dripping wet side.  Being outside was a relief after being in the hot, cramped museum.
 Walking over the bridge on our way to The Residenz.  It was a very painful walk on that cold, hard cobblestone!  After The Residenz I pleaded for a nap and some rest.  I had no idea how HUGE the palace was.  It seemed like it kept going on forever, from one room to the next.  Post about The Residenz coming soon!


 Some night time exploring of Old Munich.  In search of a place to feed our starving tummies.
 Ivan Hajek playing the accordion.  We stopped and listened for a while, he was pretty good!
 He even has a Facebook page!  I would have loved to stay and listen a while longer but I heard other faint music and I was hungry.
 Another group of street performers playing a few classical pieces.  You could buy their CD but I was transfixed by the clothing behind them.

 You can check out what I had to eat here.  I crave white asparagus soup from time to time.  I wonder where I can find it locally.
 Seeing this place it felt like home!  I should have tried their burrito or something.  Just to see how well/bad they make them.  There is always next time.
This was the coolest thing that happened in Munich.  It was actually cold and wet enough for a little bit of snow.  I had never experienced snow fall until the last night (wee hours of the morning) in Munich.  And this is the morning snow cover that we got to walk through the morning we left for Wiesbaden.  I am not a fan of how cold my feet were that morning, but everything looked so pretty. 
This sign by the train station is kind of hard to read.  But I think it was trying to explain that bunny rabbits and sheet have nothing to do with Jesus Christ's resurrection (Easter).  Click on the picture to make it bigger and check out what I am talking about.

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