04 June 2012

Audra's Birthday Party

My niece just celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend.  So I took some pictures at her party of her having fun with her lovely guests.  All the kiddos were really well behaved and seemed to have a great time.  Why wouldn't they?  The weather was perfect, there were plenty of kids to play with and cake. 

Audra's present corner, you can see the gift I brought in the corner.

Birthday cakes (yes two!) and her cute little guests all getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.  I had some of the pink cake, it was delicious!  Joey's mom has a knack for making really tasty, moist cakes.

That's the gift that Joey and I brought.  Obviously we did good since she is smiling about it. 

Here is my nephew Dane.  He has gotten much more talkative and less shy with me.  Makes me happy, I feel terrible when kids are afraid of me.

Joey having some fun on the teeter totter.  He actually used it when he was a kid, I think it's even older or just a old as he is.  Before you know it that teeter totter is gonna have a birthday party of it's own (40 years old is my guess).  
This picture makes me look like a fat lady taking a dump.  Oh well, I don't care I was having fun.  And today I am paying for it, my thighs ache so bad and my butt hurts!  Teeter totter is no fun when you have to do all the work. 
There's my little fat man, Snarky.  I can never seem to get a good picture of him looking at the camera long enough.  I am going to have to resort to treats to get a good shot.  The day was so lovely out!

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