18 June 2012

LINE Camera

Since being back from Germany and looking over my photos I realized my picture taking skills could sure use some work.  Having an iPhone makes it easy to take pictures on the go.  I decided to start utilizing the camera as a functional accessory.  I typically would take a picture of something at the store and send it to the mister or my sister.  I decided I would start keeping my eyes peeled for some nice things to photograph.  I thought maybe I would get an app for photo modification but all I knew of was Instagram.  I got tired of seeing everyone consumed by the Instagram app.  I grew up with orange colored photos and Polaroids, not my cup of tea. So I hesitated before getting any photo app for myself, I had written them off as apps that would not be that much fun or useful to me.  I take it all back now, I found a free app called LINE Camera.  I think the cute overload is what ensnared me!

I started out just making modifications of pictures I already had saved.
Check these out.
 That's the mister about to eat poop.  Fake poop from the photo app. 

 He is my little buddy Snarky.  I love him to death, he was actually birthed in my car.  Gross!  I have had him so long sometimes when we cuddle I look into his little eyes and tell him, "Please never die.  I wouldn't know what I would do if you died."  I think I may be more attached to him than he to I.

 My other little dog, Ginger.  She is the one that birthed Snarky in my car and left me a nasty little mess to deal with.  Doesn't she remind you of Dobby?

Here is Panda (my sister's dog) when we had just brought him home from the bar.  Yes, we bought him at the bar and he has been worth every penny.

 Here he is looking a little older.  Still pretty young in this one.  His black spots are getting lighter the older he gets.  He is such a smart little beastie.

 I don't know what I am doing with my face, I look retarded.  But I am holding my clowntini (gin martini in a clown bottle) which I happened to be wearing on a lanyard.  Don't ask, I am weird (this was even before I began drinking).

 This is my mom's dog Rocky.  The little fluffy thing to the side is also another cute image from the photo app.

I like the silly little app!  I figured I should start trying to take more time taking pictures so they look nice.  I chose the easiest thing for me.  A stationary object that is in abundance where I live in the summer:  flowers.  I have been checking out this blog and commenting on it.  I used to do black and white photography once upon a time with real film that I had to develop on my own.  Back then I was careful about how I took shots because I didn't want to waste film.  Now with digital cameras, everyone thinks they are a photographer and I have just gotten plain lazy.  I guess from checking out Tom's blog and seeing how crappy my Germany pictures turned out, I feel the need to improve.  I know it's a silly iPhone with a cute little app.  But the camera on the iPhone is pretty damn sweet.  I started taking pictures of flowers and then manipulating the image with the LINE Camera app.  I am going to post the original followed by the manipulated image.  I would love to hear what you think.  I would like to say I am improving but that's just my opinion so far.

 The above three were all roses from my friend's back yard.  They were taken on different days.

 This was a huge sunflower in my sister-in-law's backyard.  I actually had to climb into the flower box carefully and stand on tip toes to get this shot.  I am not short!  The flower was just really really tall.

The flowers my sister sent me that I had sitting on my desk.  They weren't outside but they were flowers and a stationary object.  I am not happy with the picture but I really wanted to get the big tulip AND the lilies.

 Well that's about all I have so far.  I really like the app because it makes stuff cute.  But it helps me to think about the pictures I take as well.  So for as much as I am against Instagram and the unending ocean of hipster children thinking they are photographers.  I will admit I gave in to the photo app world and I am pleased with it thus far.  I have YET to download any other app for photo manipulation.  If you have a suggestion I am open to it if it's cute all the better.  Thanks for checking this out!

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