08 June 2012

Sometimes life is a shit sandwich buffet.

And when it does, I am so glad I have people in my life to help me turn my frown upside down.  Lately it feels as if anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  And I will be damned if I want June to join in the ranks of my miserable month of May.

May started out with a crazy woman hitting my car WHILE PARKED as she tried to exit her vehicle.   Followed by the battle with property management over my stove that broke.  They tried to ghetto repair it three times before the manager figured I needed a new one.  Since he was a new manager I decided to inform him that the stoves in the past had caused fires.  Idiot!  So finally after almost a month of no oven, I got a new one.  How does one cook with faulty equipment when it is against the rules to have a BBQ at our complex? 

In May I drove my brother to work because he had no ride and still the little poop monster has yet to give me gas money.  It's not that I NEED the money, it's the principal of the matter.  I told him I would give him a ride if he had gas money.  (The kid refuses to get a license when he has a car already lined up!)  Well I go to pick him up and he says he will get me back pay day.  Ugh!  I should have known!!!!  It's well into June and still no gas money OR my damn ramen dinner he owes me from February.  This is all kinda petty but if you tell someone you are going to do something, stick to it.  Don't go back on your word and if you are going to, at least say so.

I also had to renew my renter's insurance and that was a huge ordeal.  I got double billed and it was like pulling teeth to get them to fix their fuck up!  They have no problem taking money out of my account but putting it back is a nightmare.  Three weeks for them to credit me back for their mistake and I had to hound them weekly about it.  Did I mention my electric company decided to also double bill me?  I thought online bill pay was supposed to make my life easier.  So between all of that bull shit I also had to go to the DMV to get the Nissan's tags, pay registration and show proof of insurance.  It smelled so bad!  And there were a horde of ill behaved, unwashed children running a muck.  I wanted to wring their parents' necks for allowing their kids to run around like that but I decided jail would have been the icing to top off my lovely May; I would skip it.

My sister knowing the drama that I had to deal with was kind enough to surprise me with flowers at work:
The flowers were appreciated by me for well over a week and a half.  My co-workers also appreciated the flowers for three days.  Even though it's against the rules to have flowers at work, I kept them after asking the guys in the office if the smell was offensive.  They let me keep the flowers and I never got so many ladies stopping by my desk to fawn over flowers.  Ladies that never take the time to even say hi in the break room.  They were using me for my flowers hahahaa.  Jerks, whatever they were just sad they didn't have flowers.

June starts.  Clean slate right?  Reset button for the button has been pressed.  This month shall be good.  Anniversary, birthday, bridal shower and bachlorette party for my friend, the rodeo and my niece's birthday. 

June has not even been two weeks in and already I feel like I am going to mentally explode.  For starters it's one month before my friends wedding.  Mister has to go try on his monkey suit and leave a deposit for it.  That was the easy part!  I figured I better try on my dress in case I needed to alter it (I bought it in February). 

First off I remembered how tiny the zipper was and where the fabric gathers the zipper is hard to zip.  Okay well I decide to put the damn fucker on and the mister is afraid he will bust the zipper if he forces it.  So then I try to zip it my self and I decide I am too fat because I can't get it zipped all the way!  FUCK!!!!  This is bad, I have one month to go before the wedding and I am too fat.  So I get depressed over being fat.  I haven't been running since I left for Germany because my ankle is still hurt.  Well it finally stopped hurting last week but I wanted to give it an extra weeks rest to make sure I didn't hurt it again. 

The bridal shower is a mess because of scheduling and cost and what not.  I am so glad my friend is NOT a bridezilla.  I am trying my hardest to help out with whatever I can which is not much as I am not much of a girly girl.  I help her with craft stuff and helping her out with watching Dom and Tanker.  I really wish I knew more about bridal party planning and what it all involves.  Luckily all the bridal stuff ended up getting settled, I think!  @_@  I just want my friend's wedding and pre-wedding stuff to go smoothly.  And so far it's been a bit bumpy in the bridesmaid department.

I have yet to get Joey an anniversary present!  Oh my god I am a terrible wife, it's our first anniversary and I have thus far been failing.  So in my mind I have to remember to get Audra her birthday gift, get Joey his anniversary/birthday gift, bridal shower gift (do you give presents at bachlorette parties?) and probably get my dress altered.  Did I mention in June school lets out and  summer school starts too.  I am going to be busy at work too!  My mind was melting so I sent a message to my sis telling her I am spent and I feel like poop.  So she invites me to eat lunch with her; it's time to talk and have a moment of relaxation.  Food is so relaxing.  Yes I am an emotional eater hahahaa.  Nothing to terrible, never a whole tray of cupcakes or anything disgusting like that.

Okay so I decided June was not going to get the best of me.  After a lunch with my sister and a nice long talk things got better. I felt better, more focused.  I felt like if I just take charge and prioritize it will all be okay.  So I have started writing things down in my calendar to make sure things get done at the right time.
It was like magic happened.  Things did get better.  I went to David's Bridal and tried the dress on again, it fit!  I guess there are secrets to zipping up strapless fancy dresses.  I now know the secret and it fits perfectly even the lady at the dress shop said it was a great fit!  All I need to do is find some shoes, a necklace and I am ready to be a bridesmaid.

Audra's birthday is done.  Had a good dinner/drink session with the mom in-law and the mister.  The bridal party and bachlorette party dates are set.  Having a craft day tonight with the bride to get more decorations set for the reception.  I plan on sneaking away sometime today to find something nice for the mister for our birthdayversary (that's a word now).  My ankle feels pretty good so I think I might take it out for a spin this weekend.  I really hope it stays mended I have a 10k to train for!  I think the best thing is my job just posted for a position I have had my eye on for the last 4 years.  I am applying for it and giving it my best; I hope to get it.  If not I will keep trying, but I am hoping for the best.

So my rant fest, shit sandwich, temper tantrum was quelled by my wonderful sister Sylvia.  Thanks for always having my back when I need you!  I love you!

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