28 March 2011

I could have died!

Okay the link at the bottom is a little bit of back story…. back in December there was a fire involving some of the apartments that are across the lawn from where mine is located. After careful investigation they found out that the cause of the fire was a problem behind the electrical stove.

Fast forward to Thursday of last week, I get a notice on my door saying an electrician would be by today to check out something. Well as it turns out they are checking the electric stoves to find out if they are hooked up properly. According to the electrician, he told my boyfriend that several have not been hooked up right and that they are fixing them. After looking at the back of my stove (I cook pretty much every day at least one meal a day.) he said he is amazed that we have not caught fire!!! The back of my stove is charred and black and the neutral ground was never connected! So they are talking to apartment management…

Sounds like I may be getting a new stove and luckily I won’t end up hurt in a house fire… Property management is a crazy business and it is amazing to see where corners are cut. I don’t even know what the reason was for such negligence. Here are some theories:

The stoves were installed by apartment handymen who were not aware of how to hook them up properly.
The appliance company that installed them cut corners.
Or IF an electrician hooked up these units he cut corners and sucks ass….
Either way someone wasn’t doing their job correctly and it could have cost me my rental insurance deductible, having to move abruptly or even death!
Santa Maria Times article.

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