01 June 2012

I needed a gift bag.

Tomorrow is my niece Audra's birthday.  I found these neat little toys called Zoobles and I figured they would be perfect for a five year old.  I kinda wanted to buy some for myself.  Technically I could have and then gifted them to myself later this month for my birthday.  Alas I decided to skip getting more because I would end up just playing with them instead of wrapping Audra's gift.  Or worse I may have been tempted to open hers and play with them too!  
Once I got home I realized I had no gift bag or even a box to put these critters in.  There is no way I was going to just wrap these individually.  The packaging would make for a sloppy looking wrap job.  So I decided I would make a gift bag.  Yep, I figured I had stuff around the house to make a bag.  Never done it before and I am so proud of myself I am sharing my results.

Materials I used:
*An old Tokidoki calendar that my sister gave me.  I knew it would come in handy one day!
*Scissors to cut up the calendar,  cut the tape and ribbon.
*Clear tape that I used to laminate the large sides to give them a little more strength and avoid tearing.  Also to tape together the bag.
*Teddy bear hole punch.  I don't have a regular hole punch so I used the bear shaped one so I could add handles.
*Pink and black leopard print ribbon for the handles.  I got this ribbon as a gift and I thought I would never use it because I hate leopard print anything.  Guess I finally found a use for it!

The finished product!  I think the bag came out rather nice.  I almost don't want to give it away!!!
I finished it off with some polka dot tissue paper I had in the closet.  I think my gift bag will be the cutest one at Audra's party.  I don't know if I am more excited about the bag or the gift now.  My sister Lily is going to love the way I re-purposed the calendar she gave me.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I hope to post pictures of the birthday party soon.  Oh I almost forgot I will have pictures of the rodeo.  I've never been and I am very much looking forward to mutton busting.  I intend on peeing before this event as I fear losing bladder control from laughing too much.

What is mutton busting?
Yes, that is a child riding a sheep.  I don't know why it's a thing but... it's a thing I guess.

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