07 March 2014

Day 3 - Maalaea Bay

On day three we opted for an early day of activities.  Our first activity of the day was a nice visit to the Maui Ocean Center.  We had planned to go snorkeling later in the day but wanted to find something fun to do that was not to physically taxing earlier in the day.  The Maui Ocean Center was it.

To the right of where my mom and aunt (your right not theirs) were standing is a giant shark mouth that makes for a great photo op.  Too bad I missed out on being eaten by a shark, I was saved by my urgent need to find a restroom.  I swear I must have a bladder the size of an infants.  Luckily the bathrooms were clearly marked and I had not trouble on this trip finding a bathroom.  The last trip I didn't fair so well with locating bathrooms.

My favorite fish at the Ocean Center, whose name escapes me now.
Shame on me for not remembering, but in all fairness vacations wouldn't be as fun if I was too busy writing everything down instead of enjoying my time.  Is it just me or does anyone else think maybe this fish was the inspiration for Krang?  Just maybe a little bit?  Okay well maybe Krang's cousin who has smaller, beadier, eviler eyes.

This exhibit was really heart warming.
I learned that the Maui Ocean Center is also a rescue and rehabilitation center for damaged coral.  The coral are brought in and given a chance to gain their strength and really strive.  Though the ocean center is smaller than the other aquarium I have been to, it has a lot of fish and data specific to the sea life living around the Hawaiian Islands.  I mean, I had never even know that Krang of the Ocean was such a creature!

This is not yet the end of day three, but it will have to be the end of this post.  Snorkeling occured after a leisurely stroll through the Maui Ocean Center.  And that adventure will be a part of another post coming soonish.  Our timing for day three was to get some fun things done and get to bed early.  Day 4 was going to start off early and end late for all of us.  

In other unrelated news, I am heading off to Alaska at the end of this month.  I seem to be falling behind on blogging my travels.  Oh well, it will get done when it gets done.  Wish me luck catching a glimpse of the painted sky.  If you want a postcard from Alaska shoot me an email (it's listed at the bottom of my About page). 

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