21 May 2014

Day 5 - Road to Hana (Part 2)

Obligatory photo of mile marker 0

We had so much fun on our way to Hana the first day that we didn't quite make it there.  So for Thanksgiving Day, we spent driving the Road to Hana again!  Much less traffic and tourists, I guess most folks spend their day gorging themselves on food.  We spent our day enjoying the lovely drive and frolicking on trails and several different beaches.

Doing the robot?
Thanks hardkoretom for the tips on photographing moving water.

Black sand beach though it was more pebbley than sandy.

One of these things is not like the other.

This particular beach had a lot of red pebbles.
But from afar you can't see the red as much.  Notice the weather change?

We ended up driving out further than Hana, there was some road construction (and a clause on our car rental) prohibiting any further frolicking.  We had a fantastically, exhausting day on the way out to Hana again.  There were so many beaches and hikes that it would take more than just the 2 days we invested to see it all and enjoy it entirely.  I can always come back again in the future and check off a few more adventures that I wasn't able to get done in November.

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