25 May 2013

Discussing The Finer Points of Consoles

The hubs hates consoles but I have a nostalgic soft spot for them.
?!  No, not that kind.
Well as far as he sees it, probably the same type of soft spot.

In my defense (probably not a good example at my level of ridiculousness) I stopped at PS3, Gamecube, PSP and DS.  But I do like to keep abreast of gaming news, up 'n' coming consoles and consumer reaction.  What it comes down to is, I don't play games like I used to AND I can find a ROM for most of what I have the urge to play.  So why invest in a new console when the ones I have are good enough?  I don't know, maybe to show off....to no one in my age group that gives a rats ass.
Warning do not continue any further if you are a fan of XBawx or Cock of Doody.

The new XBox was just unveiled.  I hear some people have a major boner for it and some folks are just some folks.

Conversation with the hubs goes like this:

Me:  Hahahaa the XBox is all about TV not gaming.  Hahaha the new console is for watching TV and playing cock of doody.  (Send my hubs the below youtube link.)

Joey:  Hahahaha what a piece of shit!  Hahaha cock of duty, cock of doody, COCK OF DOOTY, cock of doody, 'you get a dog'!  What the fuck is this crap? Hahahaha.  I'm pretty sure the companies that make these damn consoles have no clue about video games.  Cool guys!  You can use the new 800 dollar XBox to watch tv.... on your.... tv.  Oh and don't forget about the new Cock of Doody 47 BlackOps 13 Version 10 where you get a stupid dog that can't even shoot a gun.  Fucking awesomest idea in the universe! 

In all fairness I did see the unveiling before someone got their bored little hands on it.  Meh... maybe just XBox was never really my thing.  But I digress....I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think of the maniacal laughter and conversation topics.  I am convinced that my neighbors that understand English; think that two, stoned, fifteen year old, high school drop outs live in my house.

Au contraire, mon freré!
We just enjoy engaging in stimulating conversation.

Ahem, I have some chores (turns on Nintendo) to do (play Twilight Princess) before dinner.  Responsibilities ya know... I gotta be responsible.
Disclaimer: To each their own.  I play XBawks with my brother and a friend.... I just don't wanna own one.  Ahh immaturity... damn!  Grow up!  It's something I'm told; not something I do.  

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