16 May 2013

I miss my herp!

Sitting outside in the afternoon sun.

Once upon a time I rescued an iguana from a child who wanted one.  And of course mom couldn't say no and she also had no clue of how to care for them.  These little beasties are tough to care for.  More often than not they die as pets because people are idiots.  When I got the little Ig Monster she was only 6 inches long and really emaciated.  By the time we parted ways she was pushing 6 feet!

As is the case with most break-ups, the children always end up with the short end of the stick.  In this case Iggy got the short end.  My ex decided that since I called it quits, the best way to get the best of me was to take my baby.  When I took her in, he was there.... so he decided she was equally his.

I don't see much equal in that I purchased all the goods to keep her in the proper habitat.  Hot and moist!  I was the one that took her to a vet several cities away when she was egg bound.  I went home every day during my lunch hour to 'poop' her and give her her daily shower.  I really miss her!  And the bastard decided he would take her during the parting of ways/goods.  He did it to hurt me.

He ended up giving her away to some guy that had other iguanas but didn't know jack shit about caring for them.  Within 2 months of her being taken from me she died.  She died because she was put in a cage, outside, during the winter time.  When I had her, she had her own room.  I monitored her humidity and temperature.  I went log and rock hunting to provide her with the best habitat I could in an effort to keep her a happy iguana. 

She was still 'little' in this picture.

I really miss her.  Though I have 2 fur babies right now, I still miss having a herp.  Maybe one day in the future I will own one again.  It's costly and they require more care than I can provide right now.  I would need to get a bigger place, a large fish tank is not nearly big enough for an iguana even though the pet store will try to convince you otherwise.  And there is always the matter of temperament... it's kinda luck of the draw with these critters.  For an iguana, Ig Monster was about as well-mannered and affectionate as they come.  She was even potty trained (aside from the occasional couch bombing when the bathroom door was closed)! *sigh* I miss my iguana.  Why am I getting sentimental over an animal I owned over 5 years ago?!  Stupid brain!

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