03 February 2011

Ear ache/congestion + annoyance = bad mood

Unless you know that I don't like the person you are talking about as much as you do. Please refrain from referring to them as anything other than their first name. Or maybe even refrain from talking about her, if she is not worth your time. She is not worth your breath wasted on talking about her. Unless of course you want to confront the person, then by all means have at it but with that person not to me. I don't wanna hear it. Especially when my congestion is barely allowing me to listen at all.

It takes too much effort to get poopy about people in the world and I feel too sick to care right now. So unless you have something nice to say.... my congestion says, "Take two of these chill pills and call me in the morning." It's hard enough focusing on work and playing catch up.

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