06 February 2007

My exchange student gave me this.

The only English word on this whole package is ‘open’ (and a web address http://www.weichuan.com.tw/). It’s like a cup o’ noodles for kids. It's like ramen noodles with dehydrated veggies and little, tofu chunks (at least that's what I think they are) shaped like piggies. In an effort to find out what it is I went to the UPC Lookup website, here are the results: http://www.upcdatabase.com/itemnotfound.asp?upc=4710063194726

I have decided it came from aliens. Aliens that have little robots dressed as dogs that are in love with piggies. That has to be it! I mean come on where did it come from and where do I get more? No, I won’t eat it, I’ve had it sitting at my desk a long time and I dunno what exactly it is. So no, not until I find a new one and maybe find out whats in it. I think lots of sodium.

P.S. My exchange student was only with me for a week and I didn't get around to asking her more about this Q-cup. It was one of her gifts she left with me, honestly one week is not enough time.

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