01 April 2013

The Door

A while back I was reading a blog post about everyday things that make you think, "Why?"  It made me think of my everyday thing that I wonder about.  Really it's not everyday for me, it's more like every time I visit my sister.

At the end of the street she lives on there is a two-story house with a door that leads to nothing.  Every time I drive by I want to know why.  I always intend on stopping to get a picture of it and Saturday I finally took the time to stop.  

I would imagine if a sleepwalker lived in that house it would be his demise.  Sleepwalk right out of the house and kersplat!

And on an unrelated note; Darth Vader reads the bible.  Now I am off to search Youtube in an effort to find clips of Star Wars with bible verses dubbed in.

The things you find in thrift stores...

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