27 March 2013

Racist or something?

This is the second time in a month that something I see/read about is carried on through out several different mediums.  The last time this happened it was: kancho.  I had seen it done on a Korean drama I was watching.  I also saw a blog post about it.  But before that even happened I had mentioned kancho to a fellow blogger.  What was up with so much kancho suddenly?!  I dunno....  But I digress.

This time it's a little different, maybe a bit more serious: racial hot topics.  It started with a classic cartoon I was watching with my fave classic character Bugs Bunny.  Then I read this blog post which had me scratching my head for a while.  Later I saw some interesting art on another blog post.  Suddenly I was reminded of a picture from the 1920's that I saw.  I took the opportunity to seek out the picture and share it.

This was given to my husband's grandmother in 1925.  She had a habit of keeping things and labeling them.  My MIL has the same habit of keeping things with a label of when it was received and who from.  His grandmother is moving up from Los Angeles and her house is like a mini time capsule.  I am sure when my husband's parents get to the age where we have to move them, it will be mini time capsule moments all over again.

I wonder what the next recurring theme will be?

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