20 March 2013

A job well done...

Sometimes the best thanks you can get for a job well done is the self satisfaction you feel for succeeding.  The feeling of doing something good, something right.

As some of you know I have been working on-site at a high school, covering for a gal out on maternity leave.  Working with teenagers has proven to be much easier than I expected.  I had a nightmare that these kids would be like I was and I would have to deal with them.  Some cruel cosmic joke on me for being an ass when I was younger I suppose.  Luckily it has been going well... I probably just jinxed myself.

I had the opportunity to go home with a feeling of victory a few days ago.  I did something right, something good.  I saved a life.  

No, I didn't save 500 high school kids from a burning building.  But I did save one life or at least I feel like I did.  I am pretty sure I did.  I was actually thanked by fellow co-workers for catching a red flag and bringing it to someones attention.  Ready for the story?

This gal at school was being bullied.  She was having problems with several other girls here at the school.  During the course of the issues, the girl that was bullied apparently made threats of suicide.  I collected several student statements regarding the bullying, gossip and rumors involving the girl being bullied as well as other people who were witnesses and the bullies.  

I am not sure if there were so many statements that it was over looked. Several of them stated that the girl who was being bullied said she was going to commit suicide over the weekend.  I was not the only one to read these statements but I never saw anyone contact the school therapist.  So I asked if anyone had contacted the therapist due to the suicide threats that were made.  No... it fell through the cracks.  How can something that big fall through the cracks?  That's a huge crack if you ask me!

I contacted our school therapist, who I think is simply amazing!  She spoke with the young lady that was in crisis; brought in parents to talk with their daughter and her.  Turns out the girl did have serious plans to carry out her threat.  She had the day chosen and method to employ!  I am glad I called the threats to someones attention.  I felt good for getting a girl in crisis the help that she needed.  I felt good for not just doing my job but for catching something that was overlooked; something that could have turned out poorly.  ***When I was in high school there was a murder/suicide.  So certain things should never be overlooked.***

Much later in the day, before I was about to head home for the day, I got a phone call.  It was the new school therapist!  She was thankful for catching something important that four people happened to look over.  It was a thank you that was not needed but appreciated.  With over 2000 students I know that sometimes things can fall through the cracks.  I know that we are short staffed in certain areas but then again who isn't these days.  Sometimes the daily grind just makes people a little jaded.... And when people are caught slippin' bad things happen.

I try hard not to become a work zombie; eyes glazed over, going through the motions of a days work on auto-pilot.  I don't want to be the little drone worker bee; I like to observe.  I like to act and engage.  I don't want to be a blind little worker bee to wake up one day retired wondering what happened to life.  Wondering why I didn't learn from life's lessons.

I saw the girl Monday morning, she seemed ok.  Looks can be deceiving but at least she is among the living.

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