16 November 2010

3/10 Day Challenge

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

  1. When someone younger or the same age as me tries to refer to me as their 'mija' or 'kiddo'.

  2. Rocks in my shoes.

  3. Ill behaved children.

  4. Girls... especially the gossipy, giggly, overly made up ones that are boy crazy because of their low self esteem.

  5. People who kiss and tell. Keep that stuff to yourselves people.

  6. Hearing people say how bad they need/want to get laid and then the moment they have a person in their life to fulfill that need they bitch about them.

  7. Opening the little metal flap thing on the large Morton Salt containers... ooohhh I hate how the cardboard feels against the metal and the noise it makes.

  8. Stupid internet memes that are NOT funny but refuse to die.

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