11 November 2010

Thanks from my nephew.

So on Sunday, I babysat my nephew... The one that has "issues" and he was actually better behaved than I expected. Well to be honest I kinda knew he would be good since he fears my wrath (which is mostly scary face and loud stern talk). So anyways, my sister (not the one I hate) sent me a picture of the thank you note he wrote to me. It's shown above and if you have a hard time translating his 'asome' spelling here is what it says:

Dear She-Ra Princess of Power,

Thank you for letting me go to the barbecue. It was delicious, fantastic and awesome. I loved it! When can I come back?

Your nephew,


I appreciate the thanks, especially if it came straight from him and was not prompted.... I supposed I shall write back to let him know if he can come back. But now that his mom is out of jail I am not sure how often if at all that will happen.

P.S. I can't stand his mother and refuse to see her. So hanging out with my nephews may not happen as often as it did when she was in the big house.

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