03 November 2010

You paid how much was your dinner?!?!?!

Yes yes I know OOOOOHHH AAHHHHH so cool! But seriously how the fuck am I supposed to eat that? And really do I want to pay, how much?! To eat at Alinea?

Their menu says $195 (as of Oct 7th)... yes yes I know I am paying for the experience blablabla but seriously this is one of their dishes:

No thanks, I would rather spend the 200 bucks on something else... not a 'to die for' dining experience.... I mean really the only thing that would make me die is the price. If someone wants to take me out to Alinea, that's all fine and dandy. I will enjoy my experience and try their teeny tiny artsy food things they offer. No you don't get sex for taking me to an expensive eatery.

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