20 November 2010

7/10 Day Challenge

Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget.

***Disclaimer: The following will only be a list of the first ones that come to mind...***

  1. The one and only time I peed my pants in school was in pre-school during a fire drill. I had never heard the fire drill alarm before and it was on a box mounted by the clock in the classroom. It was flashing orange and so loud it pretty much startled me into a catatonic state. I peed my pants, which I don't even recall doing, and the teacher had to pick me up and take me outside. Since then fire drills put me on edge and I remember the pre-school incident every time.

  2. Hearing my sister, who was 15 at the time tell my mom she was pregnant. The memorable part is (keep in mind my mom has 6 kids, she KNOWS where babies come from) my sister is telling my mom that she doesn't know how it happened, they were "just holding hands". Bullshit! You were holding something else NOT with your hand. Anyways we laughed and my mom knew we were eavesdropping but it was worth it. To hear such a stupid excuse, oh man I will never forget that.

  3. The death of my grandparents. My grandfather passed when I was really young but I still remember the whole ordeal vividly. It was drizzly and I remember running through the convalescent home crying and soaking wet because I wasn't allowed in to see him. I remember going outside to sit in the rain because no one was allowed in. When my grandmother passed it was much the same except I was much older. The memory of her death is so unreal just remembering, I can recall everyone's reaction and conversations that were had as if it were yesterday.

  4. Getting my license...oh yeah!

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