21 August 2013

Noble Ale Works

Seeing as I will be driving down again to Costa Mesa this Thursday, I figured I better make my beer post about the last time I drove down.  I got in touch with hardkoretom who suggested Noble Ale Works.  I decided to give it a try and take another opportunity to chat with a fellow blogger after a day of relaxing and then shopping.  I got there before he did and settled in to decide on what I would fancy for my first visit.

I decided to give a few a try and ordered a flight to see what would strike my fancy.  I was told that there were some spicy brews that had run out just the night before, damn!

In order from left to right I tried Pistol Whip'D, Earl's Grey Dinghy, Rosalita, Big Whig IPA and Good Ship ESB.  My two favorites were Earl's Grey Dinghy and Rosalita.  Pistol Whip'D was my least favorite, it wasn't bad, it just didn't have anything enticing me to have it again.  I was delightfully surprised by the sweetness of the IPA and though I am burned out in IPA's, I wouldn't mind a pint of this any day.  I tried some of what hardkoretom was sippin' on but I failed to write the name down.  Help me out! 

I ended up opting for a pint of Rosalita after my flight.  Growing up drinking agua de jamaica, the hibiscus flavors brought back memories without the sugar overload.  Agua de jamaica for the grown up crowd?  Yes, please.  I also thought it was really pretty; nice reddish color and the head was a very pale pink.  Did I mention my purchase also helps the fight against breast cancer?  I opted to purchase the glass to take home as a souvenir for my husband.  I got the beer, he got the glass.  I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and friendly service.  If I lived closer I could see myself spending another lazy Sunday sipping beer at Noble Ale Works.  My travels will start and stop in Costa Mesa this week but I will have to see what brewery calls to me while in Irvine.

Friday should prove to be a nice day to myself away from the daily grind and parenting nightmares.  I hope to share more of my adventure when I get back.  If I don't decide to make a beeline to Mexico to leave my worries behind me.  Darn if only Mexico had more appeal for me, least I could sorta blend in since I am fluent in Spanish. 

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