05 June 2015


Almost a month late on this post. Not for a lack of time but just waiting.  This year Andy's dad and I had to make him call his mother on Mother's Day.  Few and further between are the requests for him to call home.  I can only assume lack of interest.  For a while, when he would get into trouble or misbehave he would ask to call home, I assume to complain about how unfair life is.  He has since gotten over that nonsense.

So he called his mother May 10th.  It turns out the phone call was less than a minute long because his mother, mid day was too tired to talk to him.   She never called back.  After the lame phone call with his "tired" mother he went into the bathroom and combed his hair.  After combing his hair he asked that we photograph him holding each of the dogs so he may send the images to his mother.  Really?!

She didn't deserve the photos after basically cutting off the conversation as she did...  and to top it off not even bother to call back.   It's almost a  month since Mother's Day....she must be really tired.  And I think Andy  is getting pretty tired too.  It's gotten to the point where we have to tell him to e-mail his mother because he really doesn't even want to call her.  She doesn't have the time of day for him and it's looking like he doesn't have the time of day for her either.

I am thinking he is getting tired of the excuses and lies.  It seems like he has been let down more often than not; and yet he still asked for pictures to send to his mother.   I am curious if he will remember to call or email his mother on her birthday.  His dad and I see no need to serve as a reminder for him to contact his mother when it's obvious it is a nuisance to him.  And when  we make him contact her he gets a curt response with no return calls.

It's the kid's mom and he will always have an undying love for her.  It takes quite some doing for someone to truly hate their mother.  Even mother's who have been far worse still have kids that love them and often time make excuses for their parent's shitbag behavior.  People are strange or maybe I am just not as forgiving.  Go on, ask me about my dad.  That shitbag still doesn't deserve my time and never will.  I won't say I hate the guy.  I just have no need of him.  He was absent then and he can continue to be so. 

I was a quick study and realized well before my teens that my father was of no use to me.  Lies and excuses... I am curious to see how Andy matures.  Curious to see if he will be a quick study or not.

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