25 May 2015

My Own Private Idaho

 It's been a while that I have been looking for something.  And today I think I finally found it.  I had been running quite sometime for health; physical and mental.  It really was doing the trick until I passed the 9 mile mark.  

 Running is the road to awe; I loved mile 9 more than anything I have enjoyed in a long time.  I am hoping to enjoy the same next weekend.  I have an 11 mile run that I am plotting along the same course and time.  I will be routing this one a bit around the old neighborhood, culminating at my grandmother's house.  
 I think distance running is the detachment I have been looking for.  Work dictates breaks; life should dictate the same breaks.  To keep the mind healthy and the body as well.
Now if only I could just improve my first 5km; it takes me a good 5k to rid myself of my life and find my zone.  Or rather it takes a good 5k to leave my worries behind and embrace freedom.  I am looking forward to next Sunday. And the one after, and the one after that and all of the following, increasing mileage.

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