07 May 2015

Reservoir Canyon Trail

 I was under the impression that this hike was a 5.35 mile round trip hike.  Maybe it is if you stop right at the little trail marker with the stones like pictured above.  I will blame the longer hike I took on walking along the ridge a bit.  Reservoir Canyon Trail is located in the outskirts of San Luis Obispo.

Though it may look a bit on the desolate side, much like my last hike, it was not.  It was warm and after a 7 mile run it was a nice workout on my quads.  A lot of the early part of the trail is very green, there is a small creek and plenty of tree shade.
I learned that there used to be a home near the trail but it burned down at some point.  The debris from the home was used to make strange metal teepee structures.  Across from the above pictured teepee is also a really nice swing someone attached to a huge oak tree.  It's a nice place to pit-stop on your way up or picnic on your way back down.  I failed to take a picture because it would require me to dig in my hike bag for my phone.
I've been slacking at running again or rather I have been slacking on my long runs.  I took a 2 week break from my long run.  I think maybe my body needed it.
I picked up again where I left off this week and though I have a bit of stiffness in my quads, it feels good to get back into my groove.  I won't lie, my couch potato days were nice too, aside from trouble sleeping.  I guess my body is used to being more active so I had a hell of a time sleeping.  I guess the lazy life is just not for me.

In other news: bought my flights for my Japan/South Korea vacation, participated in the student pottery sale, soda fired a few pieces for the first time and will be hosting a boy from Russia this summer.

I am hoping to hit a hike this Sunday but we shall see how it goes.  As it stands Sunday is also my 8 mile day.  As long as I get up and out first thing in the morning I am guaranteed to run.  It's lollygagging around the house that gets me into the lazy mind mode when my body wants to go-go.

I am hoping to still sneak in a few runs while on vacation.  If anyone has any ideas for running in Seoul, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka or Sapporo please share.  I like early morning running.

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