20 April 2015

Valencia Peak

 It's been a while since I have taken to local trails.  If feels nice to have started hiking again.  It helps me build strength in a weak ankle that needs to stay strong.  I am still training for my half marathon but the hiking really is giving me motivation to stick to my training.

 I recently learned that a couple from the ceramics studio enjoy hikes and ran their first marathon last year.  So I jumped at the opportunity to hike with them; we have a lot in common and they have done well in checking in on my training schedule.  I hit a bit of a slump in March and the majority of April but I feel rejuvenated.
 The hike we went on was up to Valencia Peak in Los Osos.  A big field trip for kids growing up in Santa Maria is a visit to Montaña de Oro.  I didn't go to school in Santa Maria and never managed to drive out to Montaña de Oro.  It's really such a shame because this area is absolutely beautiful!
 The weather was excellent.  Having grown up around the Central Coast it can really be hit or miss with the fog.  We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the views before the fog started to form and roll in from the water.  I intend on returning for an over night camp or even a day spent hiking and afternoon on the beach. 
 I slept so good that night.  I had a 10k run in the morning followed by this hike that is just over 5 miles.  I half considered changing up my long run day but I decided to stick to my running schedule.

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