02 April 2015


I'm not gonna lie and say I don't like Raku.  The process is fun; I mean come on you get to play with fire!  And it serves well for people who have no patience.  After you bisque fire a piece you are ready to glaze and Raku.  Instead of waiting a week for your piece to go through the final firing, you wait... maybe tops: an hour.  But I really don't like that it is not functional.  Or rather not as functional as I would want something to be.  Heat, oxygen and sun can cause your Raku fired pieces to fade, so a candle holder or outdoor potted plant is out.  And I had to treat everything I made with shellac to help keep further oxidation from occurring. It's also not water tight, so no vases that hold real flowers.  AND here is the big one, not food safe.  So it's basically something pretty to look at which to me=clutter.  However art is in the eye of the beerholder and I made use of my pieces (well, most of them).

Gifted to Kristen for Xmas

Potted a plant in it and gifted it for Xmas to my sister-in-law

Potted a plant in it and gifted it for Xmas gifted to Jenn

Potted a plant in it and gifted it for Xmas gifted to Nina

Gifted to KT for Xmas

Learned how to frame a tile, grout and gifted this to Jenn for her birthday

This has the mister's drawing on it (front side)

Back side, I forgot to photograph the lid for this cover jar

Another tiled piece that I also gifted.
I am not into sculpting or I would maybe like Raku more?  Maybe?  I just hate creating something that will be along possibly longer than me if it has no use.  Aside from looking nice I guess.  I most likely will not Raku any more things unless specifically asked to do so.  If only it were more functional.

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