30 September 2009

Strange Dreams

Once upon a time when I first started making changes in Active Directory and remotely connecting to servers here at work, I used to get nightmares. They were kinda lame funny ones but still, I was nervous about making mistakes. So basically I started maintaining all network accounts: deleting, creating, modifying. I was really nervous about making changes that would affect someones ability to connect up to our domain correctly. With the task of managing network accounts I would have to remotely log onto servers that are not located at the district office to move peoples personal files. So I had to be very careful and LOG OFF of the server I connect to instead of shut it down. Basically, "Never, ever, ever shut down the servers." --- Yes that is exactly how I was told, using a very serious tone.

I don't know if this applies to everyone or just nervous ninny's like me but with added responsibilities and an increase in work load I started having dreams about work. One of my recurring dreams involves me accidentally shutting down a server I was remotely connected to. Shortly thereafter, the sys admin shows up to pretty much chew my head off. Then after I get yelled at for messing things up, he chops my pinky fingers off! Yikes! I had this dream for a while and then one day I came into work and told the sys admin I was having dreams of him chopping my fingers off. He laughed and that's about when I realized that my fear was more comical than anything to be concerned with. I mean really in retrospect if I shut down a server accidentally, it would just mean an interruption in service that was not planned. No biggie really.

So that happened years ago, now at work I am the one that makes ALL the changes in AD because, well it became one of my duties. Last week our network administrator sent out an email asking all the network techs not to make changes in active directory. That all changes should go through me because after the change in AD occurs I usually have to move their group and home folders. In addition to that I also have to make sure that I update our master list and make sure all the changes reflect correctly in Exchange. So in a response to that email, I followed it up saying if they make any changes I will remove their pinky's and replace them with twigs. So the IT director who was CC'ed on this email asked me what's up with the pinkys and twigs, so I explained my silly dream that I used to have. This is the picture he sent out to the whole group asking if this is what I meant by replacing pinkys with twigs. It's good to know the group I work with has a sense of humor.

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