26 September 2009

Being on time out.

Soooo... when you get a DUI, they take your license away. At first I really didn't care.... but now I am starting to care.

1. I can't drive... ANY vehicle until after I apply for a restricted license. In order for that to happen I have to get an SR-22, sign up for my DUI classes and then wait for DMV to approve my restricted license. IF they say yes, I gotta dish out 125 buckaroos (on top of the cash already spent on the SR-22 and DUI class). Lame!

2. I can't buy my own cigarettes!!!!!!! I have to resort to asking people to buy my smokes as if I was in high school. So fucking retarded. Oh and get this, you need an ID to buy lighters. Soooooo I, just today, had to resort to using my GTA IV matches that I have never used. I will never get these matches back when they are all used up. **Sobbing** I got them at the fucking ChaCha on my special little buddy trip like 3 years ago!!!!

3. I can't buy my own booze at a store... at all. I swear it's like they suddenly forgot I used to buy alcohol AND was old enough to buy it. So I either have one of two choices, I ask someone to buy my booze again (high school high school high school). Or I have the option of going into the many watering holes that I have frequented in town over the years for an over priced beverage. I mean depending on the beverage the price is worth it. But seriously if I want to have a beer with my burger, I would have to go eat a burger somewhere that knows me AND serves beer. Run on sentences anyone? I got more!

Okay that's enough of ranting :( I am sad panda.

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