01 December 2008

First Xmas card of the season

I will have to boast this by far will probably be my favorite card I will get the whole season long... sorry if you feel bad before I get your card. But just look!

This is a card from Screamerclauz!!!! If you can't read what it says, here is a translation of the awesome chicken scratch: "Dick Blood (Open card for more info)"

And I open the card and its says: "Dearest Susie, I'm going to come over and slice chunks out of my cock and wipe it all over your stuffed animals. That way I can teach them a lesson about life. Love always, Screamerclauz." God I love that man! Can't wait to see him at EOTW so he can molest my bear again. Yes he and I have a report with my stuffed animals.

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