07 December 2008

Family Resemblance

You know how you can tell when people are related... they look similar or have similar mannerisms. See the example below, it's a family picture... and we all seem to make the same stupid faces. We are all pretty much the same shade of brown, hey shut it! We are Mexican not dirty! Anyways, I wanted to say I love my family... we are all quirky and strange but damn we all look good. Too bad there isn't enough to go around...

Here is another family resemblance.... this is Beetlejuice.... the Joker's overbearing mean brother. See the look on Joker's face, that's the face that comes from being the picked on, younger, bitter little brother. I mean at the rate he is balding he will be bald before his older brother Beetlejuice goes all bald. But ya see what I mean about mannerisms and appearance... similar! I wonder what their parents looked like.

I bet you know what this thing's parents looked like..... Scary? Yes. Cute? Yes! Is it yelling profanities of love at you? HELLS Yeah!!!!!! I wonder if every time it commits suicide it has to resurrect and kill itself all over again? Only the shadow knows!

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