13 December 2008


I got photo shopped into the best tasting place on Earth!!! Yes, and when I go there my teeth are immune to the effects of sugar. No dentist and all the candy my heart desires... I am never every coming back from this place of awesome tasty.

And now that we are on the subject of tasty, my trainee at the pizza place got bit by a dog. She didn't report it and neither did I, should I??? I am not a little cheese eatin' squeaker but my main concern is that the vicious beasty lives right across the street from a grade school and the fence is not tall enough to contain its rabid teefers from attacking others. Anyways... I feel bad for mail carriers and any other delivery person that has been attacked by some morons unmaintained animal. My friend said the only good pit bull is a dead one, I don't agree with her on this feeling. But I do agree that a vicious dog does need to take the perma-doggy nap. Any dog has the potential to be violent and uncontrollable but it doesn't mean any breed is better than others. Anyways I hate stupid people that call up a pizza place, have a dog that has a history of biting and doesn't bother warning people that are coming with a delivery to beware of their dog or call when we get to the curb. So stupid! And then on top of the woman being rude, she verbally expressed that the trainee getting bitten is OUR fault for coming in the fence. The fence is not a very tall one and a sign was posted at the far end of the yard about knee level where it is not visible at all (I only saw it AFTER I was told it was there, and even then I had to look around cause it was not easily visible). Needless to say a sign posted should be RIGHT IN FRONT of the gate not knee high in some random corner of the yard. Not only that but from what I understand, a 'Beware of Dog' sign does not remove liability of the owner if someone gets bitten. Cause a dog that bites is viewed poorly and would be put down no matter who they bite, if it is reported that is. I still think that someone ordering a pizza should warn the delivery person or tell them to call when they get to the house instead of coming to the gate or knocking on the door. Oh yeah the dogs bolted out of the front door and attacked AFTER I had knocked on the door.... sooo uh yeah I wanna poison the dog. I know that sounds terrible but dammit better a dead mean bitey dog than a mauled 2nd grader or pizza person.

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