07 October 2008

Domo goes Halloween shopping.

The hat looked soo good on him, but he said he wanted a more fitted look. He was worried that he would lose his hat at any of the various Halloween parties he will be attending. I wish I didn't have to work so I could go with him.

I personally think the glasses work for him. He thinks the glasses are a bit much he doesn't want Mr. Usaji to think he is making fun of him. I think he should be Mr. Usaji for Halloween, we would just need to find him some bunny ears and he would be set!

Domo thought if he searched the open mouth of the skull he would find secrets.... all he found was a stinkin' price tag.

I definately was against the princess idea. I mean come one Domo, a princess?! Seriously if you wanna cross dress at least be Jessica Rabbit or someone hot... not a lame princess. That's what most 5 and 6 year olds are dressing up as. And that does include the stupid Disney Princesses too! Eff princesses and their hoity toity costumes and snobby 'tudes.

Domo found his date for the event, I told him he could dress her up as a princess and that would be okay. Cept we didn't find a princess tiara in tiny skull sizes.... I think maybe we can find her a kleenex and she can go as a ghost. Easy and cost effective!

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