16 August 2012

Bite your style!

Okay so the above video has nothing to do with the post aside from being a biter and following Kathryn's lead with sharing girly stuff like nail polish awesomness and polka dots. (I know, I know... I'm not Aussie, but I wanted to play along!)

The song popped into my head when I thought of myself biting her style (err rather blog post Nailed).  I hadn't bothered painting my finger nails in quite sometime.  Probably because I stopped buying the stuff and I got lazy.  Since this summer was full of weddings and lady parties, I started following suit and painting my nails too.  Now I have been considering getting my own nail polish and rebuilding my polish collection.

Please forgive me for I do not know what brand or colors I used.  But I can find out if you really would like to know.  EDIT: The brand is Wet N Wild and the colors are Bite the Bullet and On a Trip.  I alternated between lilac and purple then topped off all the nails with glitter (still unsure what kind of glitter I used).  Or as my husband calls it 'herpes'.
I have my toe nails done in Hot Mess by Urban Decay, but my toes actually look like a hot mess so I will save you all the trouble of seeing them right now.  I do highly recommend the vibrant color and the brand, it has stayed on for damn near a month but it is starting to chip along the nail bed now.
I figured since I love seeing Kathryn's polka dot dress so much I would post a polka too.  This was from Saturday's karaoke trip to The Eagles Lodge. 
Saving the hubby from being seen in this totally girly blog post, he might get embarrassed.  Hmm next time I shall do his nails and post pics too!  Then he can join in on the fun.
I haven't worn polka dot anything other than socks in ages.  Which makes me sad to notice my closet has dwindled down to faded/ripped jeans and t-shirts.   I should probably consider refreshing my closet with an interview outfit and a going out to a nice place outfit.  I have a few dresses but I think they are too dressy for a casual night of karaoke. 

This concludes my broadcast of : "I AM a girly girl.... sometimes"
[When I have the patience and time for it.]

**Tried to join a blog hop.  Advised the hostess that I was sorry I joined in after I had posted this.  I was removed from the linky so I removed the blog hop.  Not my fault I am not Aussie and "curvy" (whatever that means, it's not like I am a skeleton lady fresh out of a work camp)!  Woulda been nice to learn the kind way but as per life likes to do to me; learned the hard way.  Next time I know to review the original post and see if I meet the rules.  Or else I am not allowed to play in the special club.**

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