12 March 2012

Usagi's Test Trip | MobilyTrip

Since I plan on traveling and not having my face buried in a computer while in Germany. I found a way to have my friends and family back at home keep tabs on what I am up to on my trip. I found MobilyTrip which is an app that uses GPS to track where I am and keep track of pictures I take on my iPhone during my trip. Then when I get to a place that has wifi, like the places I will be staying. I can upload my trip to Mobily from my phone. Once that is done, I can hop on the laptop and automatically have Mobily send a link to my blog for all to see.

So here is my first test of Mobily and it's functionality. Don't judge me, it's just a test.

Usagi's Test Trip | MobilyTrip

Don't worry everyone, I will fully document my adventures when I return but for those who can't wait, I will send little tidbits of what I do daily using MobilyTrip.

During my trip to the grocery store to get goodies to bake some cookies for my husband I found this:
I am not normally a sucker for this kind of stuff, nor do I collect it. But I saw it and thought of my mother-in-law. She is into her garden and has rocks. So I thought she could maybe put this in her garden. I don't know how well it will hold up in the elements since it is painted. Maybe she can keep it inside by her plants. I don't know it just spoke to me and I had to buy it. I sort of feel guilty that I didn't buy my mom one. I will have to make up for it with something else I think.

My grocery store mission was a success and so were the cookies:
They were gingerbread cookies, I topped some with green sugar and the rest are plain. They were perfect for dunking in milk if you are into that sort of thing. Otherwise they were crispy perfection. I think the mister appreciated these after a long day of helping his sister move. Poor guy! I felt bad for him.

24 Days left till Germany!

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