05 March 2010


So I was telling a friend that I accidentally left my Ipod running all night. And I left my Ipod pluggy thingy at the house. So right in the middle of a Ween song I noticed I have no juice! So I am expecting it to die any second. So then something came over me and I text this back:

Dude Ween is the shit.
I am lame and forget stuff.
Now my Ipod dies.

I can write haiku's on the fly still. Take that fuckers! My brain is awesome. I haven't written a haiku probably since like high school maybe? Maybe junior high, it's hard to tell but damn I can still do it. And its the traditional 5-7-5 Haiku not the American poet approved 3-5-3. Why do I know this shit and why do I care? I am so lame hahahahhaha.

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