26 September 2010

Beer tasting

Yesterday I had beer tasting and sandwich eating day. It was nice, mellow and much needed relaxation time.

I got to enjoy six different brews from Sam Adams for about sixish bucks... what a deal! Not to mention yummy sandwich to accompany my brews. My six brews were as follows:

  1. Boston Lager - Meh had it before, I still enjoy it.

  2. Dunkelweizen - Whoa I loved it! Dark wheaty goodness, nice taste and really refreshing; even for a dark beer. I will keep my eye out for this one again.

  3. Harvest Pumpkin Ale - I recommend pouring it into a glass and avoiding the bottle. You get the full aroma of the pumpkin and spices, don't sell yourself short of a good experience. Pour into a glass!

  4. Octoberfest - Pretty darn smooth, had it before and I enjoy this time of year because I get the chance to purchase it.

  5. Black Lager - I've had this before, being a fan of dark beers, I really enjoy it. It's really tasty, I think maybe if I find it again I will have it with my meat eater dinner of steak and potatoes.

  6. Irish Red - I have had this before and it kinda has a sweetness to it, I like it but not nearly as much as the darker beers I had during my beer sitting this go around.

Be sure to pour your brews into clean glasses to fully enjoy an unspoiled taste and fully enjoy the aroma and taste of your beer.

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