09 September 2010

Best underoos on Earth!!!

So in my search of underoos (my dog thinks it's cute to eat my underoos) I decided I needed something comfortable, not pricey and lots at once. My choice Hanes Women's Cotton Boy Brief. Price: $2.97 for a 7 pack! My reasons for them being the best underoos I have ever purchased in my entire life:

  • They do not ride up your ass crack. They are not thongs that will constantly try to floss the skin off my ass crack and neither side rides up like regular panty briefs.

  • They are tagless so I don't have to deal with cutting/ripping pesky tags off.

  • They are not made of frilly crap that will fall apart.

  • They don't cost a freakin' arm and a leg.

  • They are cotton so I don't have to worry about how I wash or dry them.

  • Comfort is by far the major choice... I don't have itchy lace, tight elastic strands or beads or anything bothering my underoo wearing experience.

My days of having to adjust riding underoos are over! Granted some people might say, "Well they aren't very attractive." It's okay, I don't intend on wearing these outside of my pants or with out pants over them. Plus what the heck does it matter about the guy liking my panties if they are just gonna come off anyways. Right?

All I have to say is I love these underoos and I can understand the love of boxer briefs a friend of mine professes to have. For now I am in love with my cotton boy briefs.

**See API it was saved and I don't have to rewrite it now woohooo!**

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