02 February 2015

Puerto Vallarta

When we arrived at port there were photographers ready to snap your picture with, I assume, what they want foreigners to portray as an authentic person from each port of call.  I managed to get away unscathed at the first port of call.  My mom, not so lucky.  But after my first dodge attempt I did pose with the family.  It's something to remember the trip by and my mom enjoyed taking the pictures.  At least I thought so.

For our shore time we didn't visit the actual city of Puerto Vallarta.  I wanted something a little off the beaten path.  Our excursion took us on a horse/mule/donkey ride to a lovely little waterfall in Quimixto, followed by some snorkeling and rounded out with lunch and some kayaking.

So I almost drowned at the waterfall.  There is a guide rope that you are supposed to hang onto and another person holds one end, the far end is tethered up above the waterfall.  It just so happened the fool tourists that were done decided to let go of the rope while I was holding it.  I started to get pulled under  and  twice I had to tell them to hold the damn rope.  They were a very self absorbed snooty family, I should have thought better than to trust people like them to adhere to the rope holding suggestion.

Our lunch was buffet style, at a little private beach you can only reach by boat.  It was awesome!  The tour guide put the kabosh on my  idea of kayaking.  The waters were too rough for them to feel comfortable letting people paddle out.  Her excellent suggestion was to get drunk.  And since the beer and liquor was free flowing, we did just as asked: got tipsy!  My favorite drink was Coco Loco, I love fresh  young coconut and booze.  So both together was magical.

Out of all of the ports we went to this was my favorite.  The other two were not bad, but at the other two ports people assumed we did not speak the language.  So we got to hear people say stuff that they did not entirely expect us to understand; jerks!

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