19 February 2015

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas was our shortest port of call which was unfortunate as I would have liked to have seen more of it.  Not sure how good my experience of Cabo would have been as it had been hit by Hurricane Odile about a month before we got there.  Far off in the distance I could see some of the beach facing property did look pretty sad.  But for the most part Cabo was ready to go for incoming tourists.  

This was the only port of call which we had to be ferried into.  I thought it was find.  Others seemed annoyed with having to wait their turn and getting taxied to land. 

My main goal for Mexico was to swim with dolphins.  Ever since I was very young I always thought it would be fun to swim with dolphins.  I will admit it was very fun.  In retrospect I do feel a bit sad about the whole ordeal.  I guess I really can't feel entirely sad, I don't know if dolphins enjoy this type of human interaction.  I felt they should be let free but then again, I am a pet owner and I think my dogs are happy living with me.  Maybe these dolphins are happy living in their little pod working with a dedicated trainer all their lives.  The trainer seemed very attached to Mextle, she was our dolphin to swim with during this excursion.  The best part about swimming with the dolphin was actually getting to hold onto her flippers while she swam underwater pulling me along.  The force of her tugging me through the water was strong and exhilarating! 

I never seem to snap a picture of my food before I start shoveling it into my mouth.  The theme with our after dolphin adventure was shrimp.  I had a shrimp quesadilla and shared shrimp ceviche with my sister.  I don't know if it was the hunger talking but that was the best shrimp quesadilla I have ever had.

The guy in the brown shirt was crafting crickets and roses made out of palm leaves.  It was his way to get a few pesos/dollars from tourists waiting in line for the ferry back to the cruise ship.  My sister and I took this opportunity to throw back some beers while we waited.  I don't recall how the conversation started but the guy in the brown shirt started a conversation with us in strained English.  I didn't switch over to Spanish, since he seemed quite comfortable speaking to us in English.  He had lived in the US at one point in his life and fathered children while there.  Some kind of run in with the law sent him back to Mexico so there he is probably sitting making crickets and roses out of palm leaves.  And then he started talking in Spanish assuming we didn't understand.  He was muttering, "The things I would do to you if I got you drunk."  Gross?  Scary?  Both?  I had little flashes of Dahmer like behavior.  Our beers were about finished and the line to the ferry was getting very short.  So we quickly left Mr. Pervert to his task of making things for tourists and muttering nasty shit under his breath.

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