05 March 2015

Patricia Griffin Workshop

For Valentine's Day I didn't head out in search of a crowded, over priced for the night restaurant or whatever it is people think married folk do on Valentine's Day.  Instead I spent the weekend with a group of ladies at a ceramics workshop.  Laura kindly coined it, "Valentine's Weekend Clay Play". Patricia Griffin is a ceramic artist who conducts workshops in a tiny one room school house located in Cambria.

Though I had never been to Cambria or had the urge to go, I actually enjoyed the town.  It was pretty, smelled of delicious trees and was very quiet.  Well, it was quiet to me.  But the other ladies who had been to Cambria before said it was a bit busy, I assume due to the holiday weekend.
I was a bit nervous attending the workshop and felt even more so after introductions.  Of course I had to be last, by the time it was my turn I just wanted to hide under a table.  Everyone in that workshop had years and some even decades of experience in ceramics.  A few had their own studios at home or pottery wheels.  And I was there with barely a year under my belt, I felt totally out of place. 
Shortly after the class got started I felt a bit more comfortable.  I knew I would; several of the women in the workshop I had previously met at the community college ceramics studio.  Aside from age and experience that was the only thing that was different.  We all had a love for clay and creating.
My first plate which I managed to finish during the first day of our workshop.  By the end of the day I had learned mishima and sgraffito.  I think it turned out well compared to the second plate I made on day two.
A shot of the inside of the studio, it was a bit cold but very cozy.
After dinner snack.
A slightly sideways photo of the beach on the morning of day two.
Plate number two which I still don't like very much.  I probably shouldn't say such negative things about my own work if I ever intend on others appreciating it.  I suppose we are our own worst critics.
This was my favorite project.  We made a ceramic pillow and applied the techniques we used during day one on it.  It has a hole poked in the back so I can eventually hang it if I choose to.  

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the finished products yet.  That will have to wait for another post.  Once we create our pieces, Patricia fires them once and then glazes them for us before the final firing.  Then we can either go back to her studio and pick up our goodies or she can ship them to you for an additional cost.  Luckily the girls in my workshop all know each other and it looks like we might have a little meet up to collect our finished pieces. 

Thanks Pandora for arranging the workshop with Patricia!

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